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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Convert a Casio fx-350MS Calculator into fx-570MS

In secondary school, the scientific calculator usually used by students include Casio fx-350MS and fx-570MS. Casio fx-570MS has more functions than fx-350MS. Students who had bought Casio fx-350MS may regret. However, it is possible to convert a Casio fx-350MS into fx-570MS.

After the conversation, however, not all fx-570MS functions will be available. The keys layout will change, some following fx-350MS, some following fx-570MS and some different from both 350MS and 570MS. You have to test it out by yourself. These are the functions added to the fx-350MS calculator after conversation.

COMP, SD and REG mode: Added CONST and CONV function only. Other fx-570MS functions are still unavailable.
CMPLX and EQN mode: All functions will be available.
BASE-N mode: All functions will be available except some LOGIC functions.
MAT and VCT mode: No function available. Matrix and vector cannot be used.

To convert, follow these steps:

1. Press [MODE] and select 2 (SD).
2. Press 1.
3. Press [M+] eighty-two times until it displays "EditOFF ESC"
4. Select 2 (ESC).
5. Press ^ (REPLAY UP).
6. Press 131313131... until no more numbers could be entered.
7. Press [=] two times. It should display "EditOFF ESC"
8. Press [0] followed by [1]. Note that you must press [0].
9. It should display "1          _". Press [AC].
10. Press [MODE] and you will notice that your calculator has the fx-570MS functions. Well done.

To cancel and return to fx-350MS, just press [ON]. Start over from step 1 to convert again. So if you want to remain in fx-570MS, you can only press [AC].

1. The method above may not work for some older or non-original versions of fx-350MS calculators. For those calculators, you may not be able to press [MODE] at step 10, or the screen may show some strange displays. In that case, it is not possible to convert the 350MS calculator into 570MS.
2. The method above will not work for fx-350ES (Natural Display) calculators.
3. As I stated above, after converting your fx-350MS calculator into fx-570MS, only some but not all fx-570MS functions will be available. Also, the keys layout will change.

Monday, 14 December 2009

The girl that I hate

In school, I have many friends. But do you know that actually I have an enemy too? Yes, I have. I am not going to mention her name, but just to let you know the reason I hate her.

I hated her since I was in primary school in standard two. At that time, there are 49 students in my class. However the seats in my class have 8 columns and 6 rows which in enough for 48 students only. Therefore there is an extra table behind the class. She sat in that table. Then at May, someone transfered to another school. The teacher rearranged the tables in the classroom. She sat beside me. I started to know her at that time.

At first, I am willing to be friend with her. Instead, she always disturb me but she often tell the teachers that I disturb her. The teachers were very unfair. I was always wrong when she made any report about me. But when I make a report about her, she is not wrong. The Chinese teacher punish me without allowing me to explain. The Malay teacher force me to admit by saying she won't tell the principal. While the English teacher says that no one will make a report if I didn't do something.

At standard three, a teacher came to our school to teach us Chinese for three months. During that period, the teacher carried out group activities. I am in the same group with her. She was a bad group member. She wasn't the leader but she always make all decisions for our group. She often thinks I am incooperative and often reports to the teacher. The teacher was also unfair. The teacher don't allow me to make small reports but she can. At last our group got the second last.

However, at standard four and five, we became good friends. This is because we have common friends. She stopped disturbing me and make reports to the teacher. Our houses are also quite close to each other.

At standard six, her mother asked my grandmother to take her home everyday because we were friends and our houses are close. At first I agreed with that and hope our friendship can become better. However, she became a "blackmailer" . She is in the same class as me so she knew exactly what I did in class. She often threaten to report my wrongdoings to my grandparents if I don't follow her instructions. For a few times I was scolded by my grandparents because of her reports. My grandparents believe her very much. Because of that, I began to hate her again.

At form one, she came to the same school as me. I immediately rejected her mother's request to let my grandparents take her home again. In school, a few Chinese students liked to disturb me for no reason. I was often bullied then at last I took revenge by destroying someone's bottle. They were her friends so she reported that to my grandfather. My grandparents did not believe my explaination and scolded me badly.

Since then, she became my enemy until now. I would never friend her again and cannot forgive her. Besides me, many people also hated her because of her attitude.