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Friday, 11 November 2011

School Life and Friendship

Now I am studying Form 3 in SMK Sultan Badlishah and I have many friends from all classes in school. Most of my friends are in Form 3, some in Form 2 and a few in Form 1. I have friends from SMJK Chio Min too. I don't really know the reason how I made so many friends but I am glad and very happy to have many friends. I have many friends on the internet also, many of them are my friends on Facebook and Tagged.

My friendship can be divided into four period, Kindergarten, Standard 1, Standard 2 to 6 and Form 1 to 3. In each period, I have different friends and have different feelings on what friendship actually is. The friends I have depends mainly on where I am studying.

At the year 2000 when I was 5 years old, I entered Chio Min Chinese Kindergarten. There, I studied 2 years. During that time, I made some friends. However, I didn't have many real friends. I did not really like to study and always disturbed them. Several times I was scolded and punished by the teachers.

Two years later, I studied Standard 1 in SRJK(C) Chong Cheng. I have a number of friends from my class. All of them were Chinese except one is a Malay. I changed my attitude. I began to like studying and stop disturbing my friends as often as before. Instead I sometimes was disturbed and bullied by others. Many of my friends weren't true friends because they don't befriend me if I didn't follow that they said.

From Standard 2 onwards, the school divided the students in each class by the examination results. My good results enabled me to remain in the first class every year. Most of my classmates also could remain in the first class. Therefore, I had the same classmates every year. At Standard 2 and 3, I didn't have many friends. Most of my friends were girls sitting close to me. Sometimes I quarrelled with my friends. Starting from Standard 4, I began to friend with more boys and also made more friends. During Standard 6, I had a lot of good friends. Because I was studying in a Chinese school, all my friends were Chinese.

However, after I graduated from Standard 6, I had to part with most of my friends. I wanted to study in SMK Sultan Badlishah but most of them wanted to study in SMJK Chio Min. After I came to SMK Sultan Badlishah, I seldom met them. I miss them a lot. Therefore, during Form 1 and 2, I held my birthday party and invited them. I used that as a chance to meet my former classmates. But after Form 2, I began to realize that my friends in SMK Sultan Badlishah are more important to me. I no longer miss my former classmates that much and in Form 3, I did not held any birthday parties. But i

Since I entered SMK Sultan Badlishah, I made many new friends. At first, I was shy and only friend with a few Indian students. But later, I also friend with the Malays. No long after that, I had made many Malay friends and became quite popular in school. However, at the beginning, I had very few Chinese friends due to unknown reason. When I entered Form 2, my classmates were the same people. Besides having Form 2 friends, I also had Form 1 friends. At the end of Form 2, I began to have more Chinese friends. I also created Facebook and Tagged to add friends. By Form 3, I had a lot of friends. I and my classmates are still in the same class. I also had some friends from Form 2 and Form 1. My friends consists of students from different races and genders.

When I entered Form 4, I and my classmates were no longer in the same class. The school rearranged all the students in different classes. Only a few of my classmates are still in the same class with me. Still, I could make new friends with my new classmates. I had made many new friends in my new class. I still friends with my former classmates during Form 1 to 3. Many of them still stayed in my school and I could meet them sometimes. However, some of them moved to other schools such as MRSM and SBP. Therefore, I seldom see them but still keep in touch with them through Facebook. At the same time, I attended my grandfather's Mathematics tuition class. Therefore, I could be with some of my primary school friends again because they attended my grandfather's tuition. In Form 5, my friends were the same as those in Form 4. At first, I heard rumours that the school might rearrange students into different classes. I hoped that it was not true because I did not want to be separated from my friends. At last, it turned up to be not true, the school did not rearrange the students. All Form 4 students remained in the same classes when they entered Form 5.

Now I have many friends, a mixture Chinese, Malay and Indian and also a mixture of boys and girls. And they are from different classes. This is 1 Malaysia! I hope my friendships will last forever.

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