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Sunday, 1 April 2012

My Birthday Parties

Until now, I have held six parties. Of all the six, five of the parties were birthday parties, and the other one was a farewell party. My birthday is on 23 March. All of the parties were held at my house, as I do not like having a party at any restaurant. Every time, my grandmother cooked most of the foods, but she would also order food from some stalls. Once, she ordered a catering service from a restaurant. Every time, I ordered a big birthday cake from a bakery for my birthday party. I printed the invitation card by myself every year except for the first year. During every party, my parents would come back from KL.

Before year 2005, I did not hold any party. During my birthday, I only celebrate it with my grandparents. Usually, my parents will come back from Kuala Lumpur to celebrate my birthday with me. However, at year 2005, my grandparents and I moved to a new house. One of my classmate is my neighbour. She held a birthday party on 17 March 2005 and invited me to go. Because of that, I decided to also hold a party for my birthday. I held my birthday party on 26 March 2005 (Saturday), as it was a weekend. My mother made photocopies of an invitation card included with a pack of balloons and sent it to me. At first I only thought of inviting 10 friends, but later increased to 30 over. Therefore, I had to make more photocopies of the invitation cards. During that party, more than 20 of my friends attended. However, because that was my first party, it did not run well. I played games like hide-and-seek with my friends, but the games did not go on smoothly. So, I decided to open the presents. I was too happy to receive a toy car but it requires self-assembly. I asked my friends to help me fix it. A lot of time were wasted 0n that, and the party ended leaving the toy car unfixed.

On the second year, 2006, I decided to hold a birthday party again. During that party, I asked my father to print out the invitation cards. The party was held on 17 March 2006, Friday. I invited a lot of people on that year. I invited most of my classmates, one of my teacher and also my mother-side relatives. My father side cousins, my uncle and my aunt also came to my house. At the same time, one of my relative staying beside my house is having a wedding two days later, so some far relatives also attended my birthday party. I invited a total of 60 over people, but only 40 over turned up. I chose a birthday cake which is exactly the same as the previous year. This party was much better. I did not let my friends play hide-and-seek, but we played card games and board games like chess. I received the most presents that year.

On the year 2007, I again wanted to have a birthday party but my grandmother opposed it because of my UPSR. Finally, she agreed to let me hold a party. My parents bought me a printer and I printed the invitation cards myself. This year, I invited most of my classmates but not any of my relatives. I held the party exactly on 23 March 2007 since it was a Friday. This was also the first year I prepared a cardboard for my friends who attended my party to sign their names. A total of 32 people attended. I wanted to choose the same birthday cake again but it was no longer available, so I had to choose another one. Again, I played card games and board games with my friends.

On the year end of 2007, I decided to hold a Farewell Party because my friends and I were graduated. I also want to celebrate my victory of getting 7A's in UPSR. I had no time to print and give invitation cards to my friends so I could only announce it on the classroom's blackboard. The Farewell Party was held on 24 November 2007, Thursday. This time, my grandmother ordered catering service from Libra Cafe. I did not order any cake, of course. Only less than 30 of my classmates attended, and my best friend did not attend. I again let my friends sign their names on a cardboard. This party did not ran well. I wanted my friends to sing our graduation song together but they refused to and kept on disturbing. We wasted about 45 minutes for that. The food provided by the catering service was not very tasty. Besides that, this is also the first time I allowed my friends to play my computer. My friends did not give me any presents because this was a Farewell Party.

On 2008, I entered Form 1 in SMK Sultan Badlishah. Most of my former classmates went to SMJK Chio Min. I wanted to hold a birthday party again and invite my former classmates. I wanted to use this opportunity to meet my old friends. At that time, 3 of my former classmates would sometimes come to my house to visit me. I printed the invitation cards and asked them to distribute the invitation cards to the other classmates. I also invited a few new friends in SMK Sultan Badlishah but they did not attend as I invited them at the last moment. I planned to hold the party during the holidays but they were having exam after holidays. Therefore, I postponed my party to 5 April 2008. During that party, about 30 people attended. I again let them sign their names and also let them play my computer. They copied some games and songs to and from my computer through their pendrives. They watched my brother playing a computer game and liked it very much. However, at that time I did not have that game on my computer.

On 2009 when I was in Form 2, I once again hold a birthday party. This was the last party until now. I again invited most of my former classmates. I went to one of my former classmate's house and asked him to distribute the invitation cards to others. I also invited some friends from SMK Sultan Badlishah. I only invited the Chinese not the Malays because the food was not Halal. The birthday party was held on 4 April 2010. This time, 32 people attended, and 3 of them were my new friends from SMK Sultan Badlishah. This party was much similar to the previous year's party. To avoid my friends from feeling disappointed, I installed my brother's game which my friends' liked very much during the previous year's party on my computer. I tried to introduce my new friends to my old friends but they weren't interested.

On this year 2010, I did not hold any party. My excuse is that I need to study for my PMR. Actually, that isn't the reason. After the 2009 party, I just realised one thing. Since I entered SMK Sultan Badlishah, I made many new friends. However, I did not really appreciate them. Instead, I always thought that my former classmates were more important. Maybe I had this thought because my friends didn't really entertain me during the 2009 party. I just realised that my friends in SMK Sultan Badlishah were more important, as they were much closer to me compared to my former classmates. I realised that my birthday parties will be meaningless if I don't invite my friends in SMKSB. However, most of them are Malays, so I can't invite them because the food is not Halal, unless I hold my party in Pizza Hut or KFC which I do not like. My grandparents did plan to hold a party on this year but I rejected it saying that I want to study for my PMR.

However, when I entered Form 4 in 2011, my grandfather organised Form 4 tuition classes for Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. Many of my former classmates attended the class. Of course I will be attending too. In this way, I will again be close to my former classmates. Because of that, I wanted to hold a birthday party again on the year 2011. I decided that date for my 2011 birthday party to be on 16 April 2011. I began the party earlier, that is from 5:00PM to 9:30PM. I printed out the invitation cards and asked my friends who attended my grandfather's tuition class to help me distribute the invitation cards to my primary school friends who are in SMJK Chio Min. I also asked them to distribute a form to the others to confirm whether they are attending my birthday party or not. I also invited my Chinese friends from SMK Sultan Badlishah. My grandmother cooked the food for my birthday party. However, this time only 23 attended my birthday party. Many who earlier said that they are attending my birthday party did not attend. Many of my friends also came quite late, around 6PM. During the party, they are no longer interested in my computer games, but more interested in singing. They used my computer to play songs and they sang at the same time. This party is the least interesting among all because very few attended and many were late. I was rather disappointed.

I did not hold a birthday party on the year 2012. At first, I thought of holding a birthday party again since it was the last year I could hold a party because after that I and my friends will be graduating Form 5 and be separated. However, I was disappointed by the 2011 birthday party because not many of my friends attended it. Also, 2012 was the year I took my SPM and I did not want to be distracted. At last, I decided not to hold a birthday party.

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