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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My Best and Worst Dreams

Surely everyone will sometimes dream while sleeping. Sometimes, the dream may be a nice dream while sometimes, the dream may be a nightmare or bad dream. Usually, it is difficult to remember everything in the dream after waking up. However, I can remember my best dream I have ever had, as well as the worst dream, although I had the dream many years ago. I am sharing my best and worst dreams here.

My best dream is about a maze and a house surrounded by nature. I had this dream during the year end holidays for year 2005. At that time, I consider a girl in my class, THS as my enemy. She was my friend earliar, but I hated her after she broke my ruler and pencil and she refused to be responsible. I had a habit at that time, I would try to find out the address and telephone number of the person I hate. So, I tried to find out THS's address. These really happened, and the dream I am going to explain is related to what I said above. I dreamt that one of my friend came and told me that THS was having a party and she invited everybody in my school to her house. My friend also told me that THS's house was surrounded by nature and there is a big maze in front of her house. My friend said that THS's house was actually behind our school but we cannot directly go to her house from behind the school because her house was separated from our school by a small private office. The owner of that office strictly prohibits anyone from entering that office and he would shoot anyone who enters the office.

I was interested to go to her house. My friend told me that to go to her house, we had to pass through Kulim town and turn a big round to her house. After that, we also need to find the correct way through the maze in front of her house. I followed my friend to THS's house. When we arrived at her house, there was really a big maze and there were a lot of people there, including my friends and classmates. I decided to pass the maze by myself. However, after an hour, I still could not find the correct way through the maze. At last, I asked one of my friends for help. She lead me through the maze easily and I finally came to the entrance of THS's house. The entrance was small, allowing only one person to go through at one time. After entering the entrance, I saw that there were trees surrounding her house. Her house also had two swimming pools. Many people swam in there. I was interested to swim. I swam at the swimming pool, first at the shallower one then at the deeper one. The water in the swimming pool was warm, so it was actually a hot spring rather than a swimming pool.

After swimming for some time, I decided to come out of the swimming pool. I can see her house just beside. Around her house, there was many trees. The wall of the maze was made of stones. There were animals such as birds flying around. I liked her house because it was surrounded by nature. My friends asked me to enter her house but I refused to because THS was my enemy at that time as I mentioned earlier. I decided to go out of her house and back to school. I had to pass the maze again. This time, I decided to keep to the right at all times, hoping that this could let me out of the maze. This really worked. It took less than a minute to get out of the maze and end up in the entrance of the maze. I walked back to my school. I tried remember the way to her house. It was already around 5pm at that time. After I reached my school, I went up to the toppest floor tried to look behind my school. I could really see the maze of THS's house and a office.

I suddenly felt that if I could pass through that office, I could get to the house easily. My friend had told me that any one who enters the office would be shot. I still felt like taking the risk to silently creep though that office. One of my friend came to me and told me that he had the same feelings with me. So, we decided to pass through that office silently. Another friend warned us not to do so but we did not listen to him. We climbed over the fence. We tried to pass through the side of the office but there were guards. We had to enter the building through the door of one end then exit at the other end. The door was made of transparent glass. After we entered the door, a guard in the office knew about that and walked towards us, carrying a gun. We were so frightened and we hid behind a door. Unfortunately, the guard still knew that and walked nearer and nearer us. He finally saw us and wanted to shoot us with the gun. We were so frightened and shouted. I woke up from my dream because of this. So, this is the end of my dream.

I consider the dream above as my best dream although it ended very scary because it was very interesting to be in a house surrounded by nature and with a big maze in front. I never had any other dreams as wonderful as that.

Now, I am explaining the worst dream I have ever had. This dream is about I being attacked by ghosts. I had this dream somewhere during year 2005. All the while, I sometimes go to the Pacific hypermarket with my family. I always think that the upper floors of Pacific is full of mystery because it is always quite dark and not many people are there. As a result, I had this dream. I dreamt that I went to Pacific hypermarket with one of my teacher. My teacher brought me there as a reward for winning a Maths competition. We were walking through the upper floors of Pacific hypermarket. Suddenly we saw an escalator going down. I was curious and looked under. Below the escalator was very dark. I saw that there was another escalator in front from below. I thought that if I go down this escalator, I could come back up in front.

My teacher warned me not to go down the escalator because he had heard that there were ghost below. I did not believe that and I still went down because I really wanted to know what there was down there. My teacher refused to go down so I had to go down the escalator by myself. The escalator was not working so I had to walk down by foot. After I walked down, the strange thing was that I could not see any escalator going back up. I walked forwards to see if there was any but there was none. I was a bit frightened and turned back. I could no longer see the escalator I went down just now. In fact, I could not see anything as I was in completed darkness. I was very scared and just shouted. Suddenly, a few ghosts appeared and they attacked me. I fought with them but I lost. My body was destroyed by them and I fainted.

When I woke up and still in my dream, I found myself inside an aquarium in a nice house and I realised that I was actually a fish at that time. A fairy came to me and told me she had saved me. She said that she would recover my damaged body but she required some time to do so, therefore she had to place my soul in a fish temporarily. The fairy said that anyone who go down that escalator could not go back up again and would die because that place is controlled by ghosts and I was lucky that she was near that place at that time. When my body was completely recovered, she transferred my soul back to my body and I was brought back to my house. Then, I suddenly woke up from my dream. Even though I have woke up I was still very frightened and refused to go to Pacific hypermarket for quite some time. This dream is the worst and scariest nightmare I have ever had. I seldom had nightmares especially about ghosts. This is one of the few. I could not forget this dream.

These are my best and worst dreams I have ever had. Can you remember your best and worst dreams? But remember, whatever dream you have, it is just a dream and is not true.

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