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Thursday, 21 March 2013

My SPM Examination

I sat for the SPM in the year 2012.  I took 10 subjects for the SPM, which were Bahasa Melayu, English, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Information & Communication Technology, Sejarah and Pendidikan Moral. The SPM 2012 was held from 5 November 2012 to 6 December 2012. However, my last day of SPM was on 27 November 2012.

This is my diary of during the SPM examination:

1 November 2012 (Thursday):
It was the last day in school before the SPM started because my school decided to give us a holiday on 4 November 2012. On that day, there was a 'Majlis Mohon Restu' program in my school. Before the program started, the teachers told us the rules during the SPM. During the program, our teachers wished us good luck for the SPM. Then, after the program, we arranged the tables and chairs in the examination hall. After that, I took some photographs with my friends. At home, I did revision for Sejarah.

2 November 2012 (Friday)- 4 November 2012 (Sunday):
There were no school on that 3 days. On 2 November 2012, I did revision for Sejarah. I also finished reading the Kembara Amira novel (Form 5 Novel for Bahasa Melayu) on that day. I did not read it until recently because earlier I only depended on revision books prepare for exams. Besides, I studied some English, especially the literature. Then, on 3 November and 4 November 2012, I studied Bahasa Melayu entirely. I spent most of the time revising KOMSAS and Novel. I also prepared for Karangan by memorising some good Pendahuluan, Penutup and Isi. Besides, I studied some Tatabahasa. At night on 4 November 2012, I slept earlier at 12:30AM.

5 November 2012 (Monday):
It was the first day of the SPM examination. The subject tested on that day was Bahasa Melayu. Bahasa Melayu Kertas 1 started first in the morning while Bahasa Melayu Kertas 2 was in the afternoon. For Bahasa Melayu Kertas 1, both Karangan Bahan Rangsangan and Karangan Respons Terbuka were moderately difficult. After the exam ended, I went home for a while. I slept for a while before eating lunch. After that, I did some revision for Bahasa Melayu. In the afternoon, I went to school again to sit for Bahasa Malayu Kertas 2. It was also moderately difficult. The Rumusan and Novel was easy, while the Pemahaman and Tatabahasa was moderate. I was confident to get A+ in Bahasa Melayu. After I returned home, I studied for English. I mostly did revision for Literature. I also prepared for Writing and Grammar. I slept at about 1AM on that night.

6 November 2012 (Tuesday):
English was tested on that day. Both English Paper 1 and Paper 2 were in the morning. English Paper 1 started first. It was moderately difficult. The Directed Writing was easy while the Continuous Writing was moderate. Then, it was English Paper 2. It was a bit difficult. The Information Transfer was easy while the Section A, Comprehension and Summary was moderate. However, the Literature section was difficult. The question asked me to describe an event in the novel that made me angry and the reasons. I just gave a few reasons based on my own opinion. I was not sure if it was correct. Still, I was confident to get A+ in English. After the exam, I returned home. At home, I studied for Sejarah. I spent the whole day revising Sejarah. Finally, I could finish revising Sejarah because I had made early revisions before that. On that night, I slept later at 2AM.

7 November 2012 (Wednesday):
Sejarah was the subject tested on that day. Sejarah Kertas 1 and Kertas 2 were both in the morning. Sejarah Kertas 1 started first. It was quite easy. I could answer all questions correctly except for 1 question. Then, I sat for Sejarah Kertas 2. It was moderately difficult. Earlier, my teachers told us that about 70% of the Sejarah Kertas 2 questions would be KBKK questions. I used to be weak in answering KBKK questions. However, it turned out that only about 30% of the questions were KBKK questions. I could answer most of the questions, including the KBKK questions, but for some questions I was not sure if my answer was correct. I was very confident to get A+ in Sejarah. After returning home, I studied for Information and Communication Technology (ICT). I revised the SPM ICT Score A book as well as the notes I downloaded from the internet. I did not study for Mathematics because it is an easy subject. I again slept at 2AM on that night.

8 November 2012 (Thursday):
The subjects tested on that day was Mathematics and Information & Communication Technology (ICT). Mathematics Paper 1 and Paper 2 were in the morning, while ICT was in the afternoon. Mathematics Paper 1 was very easy and I was confident to get 40/40. Then, Mathematics Paper 2 was also quite easy. I was confident to answer all questions correctly, except for 1 question. That question was about calculating the perimeter for a shaded region. I did not calculate the internal perimeter because I never came across a question like that so I thought that I only needed to calculate the external perimeter. However, many of my friends could answer that question correctly. Still, I was very confident to get A+ in Mathematics. After the Mathematics Paper 2, my grandparents brought lunch for me. I had lunch in my grandparents' car outside the school. Then, I walked back into the school because ICT would be tested on that afternoon. For ICT, it was quite easy. I could answer most questions correctly except for a few questions. I was confident to get A+ in ICT. After the exam, I returned home. At home, I rested for a while before doing revision again.

9 November 2012 (Friday) - 18 November 2012 (Sunday):
It was a one-week break for SPM because of the Deepavali festival. During that week, I studied for the remaining SPM subjects. I spent most of my time revising Biology and Chemistry. I also did some revision on Physics. Besides, I did some exercises for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Pendidikan Moral. However, I did not study Additional Mathematics because I had understood all the topics. Then, on 17 November and 18 November 2012, I studied for Pendidikan Moral entirely. I memorised all the Nilai and Definisi and I revised the notes given by my teacher.

19 November 2012 (Monday):
The subject tested on that day was Pendidikan Moral. It was in the morning. Pendidikan Moral was moderately difficult. The structured questions (Bahagian A) were moderate. Most of the questions were KBKK questions and only a few were Nilai questions. The Nilai questions and many of the KBKK questions were easy, but a few KBKK questions were a bit difficult. The essay questions (Bahagian B) were easy. I was quite confident to get A+ for Pendidikan Moral. After the Pendidikan Moral exam, I had no more exam on that day because it was Pendidikan Islam Kertas 2 in that afternoon. After returning home, I studied for Additional Mathematics. I did some exercises for Additional Mathematics and also looked at the examples in revision books. On that night, I slept at about 1AM.

20 November 2012 (Tuesday):
Additional Mathematics was tested on that day. Additional Mathematics Paper 1 was in the morning while Paper 2 was in the afternoon. Paper 1 was very easy. In fact, it was easier than Mathematics Paper 2. I went home after the exam. After sleeping for a while, I had lunch. Then, I looked at some more examples in revision books. In the afternoon, I went to school again to sit for Additional Mathematics Paper 2. Paper 2 was easy. For Section C, I had time to answer 3 questions although I was only required to answer 2 questions. I was very confident to get A+ and maybe full marks for Additional Mathematics. After returning home, I studied Physics. I mostly revised the experiments and the explanations on working principle of devices and natural phenomena. I also looked at the examples for questions on suggestion and modification of characteristics in revision books. I slept at 2AM on that night.

21 November 2012 (Wednesday):
Physics was the subject tested on that day. Physics Paper 1 started first, followed by Paper 2 and then Paper 3. Physics Paper 1 and Paper 2 were in the morning while Physics Paper 3 was in the afternoon. Physics Paper 1 was very easy. I was confident to get full marks for it. Physics Paper 2 was moderately difficult. Section A was easy, while Section B was moderate. After the Physics Paper 2 exam, I had lunch in my grandparents' car outside the school gate. They brought me lunch. After lunch, I walked back into the school to sit for Physics Paper 3 in the afternoon. Paper 3 was quite easy. However, later I realised that for a question in Section A, I did not notice that it asked me to give my answers correct to 1 decimal place, instead I gave my answers to 3 decimal places. Still, I was very confident to get A+ in Physics. After going back home, I slept for a while. Then, I studied for Biology and Chemistry.

22 November 2012 (Thursday) - 25 November 2012 (Sunday):
There were no exam on that few days. During that few days, I studied Biology and Chemistry, which were the 2 remaining SPM subjects. I revised all the topics of Biology and Chemistry. I also revised all the experiments. Every night, I slept very late at around 3:15AM. On 22 November and 23 November 2012, I mostly studied for Biology. Then on 24 November and 25 November 2012, I studied for Chemistry entirely.

26 November 2012 (Monday):
Chemistry was tested on that day. Chemistry Paper 1 was tested first, then Paper 2 and followed by Paper 3. Chemistry Paper 1 was quite easy. I was confident to answer all questions correctly except 1 question. Chemistry Paper 2 was moderately difficult. Section A was easy while Section B was moderate. The question on describing experiment in Section B was a bit difficult. After Chemistry Paper 2 ended, I again had lunch in my grandparents car outside the school gate. Then, I returned to school because it was Chemistry Paper 3 in the afternoon. Chemistry Paper 3 was difficult. Question 1 was quite difficult while Question 2 was easier. I was still confident to get A+ in Chemistry. After returning home, I studied Biology entirely. I revised all the topics and experiments of Biology. On that night, I slept very late at 3AM.

27 November 2012 (Tuesday):
It was my last day of SPM. The subject tested on that day was Biology. Biology Paper 1 started first, then Paper 2 and lastly Paper 3. Biology Paper 1 was easy. I could answer most questions correctly except a few questions. Biology Paper 2 was difficult. Section A was a little difficult while Section B was more difficult. There were some questions in both sections that I was not sure what answer to write. After the Biology Paper 2 exam, I again had lunch in my grandparents car outside the school gate. Then, I walked back into the school to sit for Biology Paper 3 in the afternoon. Biology Paper 3 was moderately difficult. Question 1 was moderate while Question 2 was quite easy. Still, I was confident to get A+ for Biology. After that,it was the end of my SPM. I did not go home straight, instead I went to the SPBT room of my school to help my friends arrange the textbooks that they returned to school, while at the same time talking to my friends. However, I did not return my textbooks on that day. After that, I returned home. Then, I started relaxing myself. On that night, my grandparents took me to Loft 67 cafe for dinner.

28 November 2012 (Wednesday):
Prinsip Perakaunan was the subject tested on that day. I did not take Prinsip Perakaunan so I had no exam. Still, I went to the school when the Prinsip Perakaunan Kertas 2 exam was about to end and brought along my Form 5 textbooks. I waited outside the school hall for the exam to end, then I met and talked to my friends who took Prinsip Perakaunan. After that, I went to the SPBT room of my school to return my textbooks. Then, I stayed there for about one hour to help my friends arrange the textbooks that they returned to school, while talking to my friends at the same time. After I went home, I relaxed myself on that day, and for the rest of the days until I started college on 14 January 2013.

This was the ranking of all subjects from the easiest to the most difficult:
1. Additional Mathematics Paper 1
2. Mathematics Paper 1
3. Mathematics Paper 2
4. Additional Mathematics Paper 2
5. Physics Paper 1
6. Chemistry Paper 1
7. Sejarah Kertas 1
8. Biology Paper 1
9. Physics Paper 3
10. Information and Communication Technology
11. Biology Paper 3
12. Physics Paper 2
13. Chemistry Paper 2
14. Pendidikan Moral
15. Sejarah Kertas 2
16. Chemistry Paper 3
17. Biology Paper 2
18. Bahasa Melayu Kertas 2
19. English Paper 1
20. English Paper 2
21. Bahasa Melayu Kertas 1

This was my estimated chance of getting A+ for each subject:
- 100% chance:
Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, Physics, Sejarah, Chemistry
- 98% chance:
Pendidikan Moral, English, Bahasa Melayu
- 95% chance:
Information and Communication Technology, Biology

For every year in the past, the SPM results was always released in the end of March. However, during January 2013, I heard rumours that the SPM 2012 results would be released in the end of February instead. Later, I saw on the internet that the SPM 2012 results would be out on 20 March 2013. Finally, about one week before the SPM results was out, the Ministry of Education announced and confirmed that the SPM 2012 results would be released on 21 March 2013 (Thursday).

Before 21 March 2012, I was in Subang Jaya and I still attended college. However, I wanted to go back to SMK Sultan Badlishah to get my SPM results myself. On 20 March 2013, my father drove me back to Kulim at night. We arrived in Kulim at 12:45AM. I was very worried of my SPM results. Although I was aiming for 10A+ in SPM, I would be satisfied if I got only 9A+. However, I was worried that I could not get even 9A+. That night, I could still sleep, but I had a nightmare. I dreamed that I got only 3A 4B 3C for SPM.

On 21 March 2012, I woke up at 8:30AM. I took my bath and then had nasi lemak for breakfast. Previously, I also had the same nasi lemak for breakfast on the day when my UPSR and PMR results were out. At 9:15AM, my father took me to my school. My grandparents also followed along. I arrived in my school at 9:30AM. I went to the school hall by myself but there were only a few people there since it was still early. After a while, I met one of my friend and I talked to him. Then, more students and parents began to come to the school hall.

At 10AM, the form teachers for every Form 5 classes came to the hall, bringing the SPM results slip. My father also walked to the school hall at that time. Before they gave the results slip, the school principal gave a speech. She said that 47 students in our school got straight A for SPM, but nobody got straight A+. She also said that the SPM 2012 performance had a slight drop compared to SPM 2011. That made me feel more worried. Then, the principal called all students who got straight A to walk up the stage get their results slip one by one.

I was the first person to be called up the stage, because I was in class 5SC1 and my 'angka giliran' was in front. Before the principal gave me my results slip, she said to me 'I think you should request for rechecking.' That made me even more worried. Then, when I saw my results slip, I was quite happy but surprised. I got 9A+ 1A, and the subject I got A was English. Earlier, I was quite confident to get A+ in English, instead I was more worried of Biology and ICT. However, I got A+ for both Biology and ICT, instead I did not get A+ for English. Although I did not get 10A+, I was still very happy and satisfied to get 9A+, moreover no one in my school got 10A+. My father was in the hall at that time. He was happy to know my results and he walked to the car to tell my grandparents about that. He also telephoned my mother to let her know that.

Many of my friends were also surprised by my results, because they thought that I did not get A+ for Bahasa Melayu. I decided to request for rechecking my English and many of my teachers and friends also advised me to do so. Then, I realised that there was another grade for English written at the bottom of the SPM results slip, which was the GCE-O grade. My GCE-O grade was 2A. I concluded that the SPM English Papers was marked by examiners from Cambridge University, and that was why I could not get A+ for English.

After all the straight A students got their SPM results slip on the stage, other students who did not get straight could get their SPM results slip from the form teachers. The form teachers also gave every students an envelope containing some important document such as the leaving school certificate, co-curiculum marks certificate, English Oral Test certificate, 'Ujian Lisan Bahasa Melayu' certificate, PEKA certificate and Additional Mathematics Project Work certificate. A few students in my school got 9A+ 1A and one student got 10A+ 1A. Most of them got A in either Bahasa Melayu or English, and they also wanted to request for checking.

My father and grandparents went home while I stayed in the school. I walked around to hall and talked to my friends. I also gave a bar of Cadbury chocolate as a present to 2 girls who were my close friends. Besides, I took photographs with some of my friends. After that, I met my Chinese teacher. She asked me to follow her to the staffroom and she gave me a few educational CD's as a present. She also reminded me to sit for Chinese in SPM 2013 as a private candidate and I promised her to so so. On that day, the staff from a few universities also came to my school to introduce their university to the students.

By 12:30PM, most of my friends had gone home. So, I telephoned my father and told him to fetch me home. At home, my grandparents said that they were very happy with my results although they were a little disappointed. Then, my father and my grandparents took me to a restaurant in Bukit Mertajam to eat lunch. My father went back to Subang Jaya on that day, but I stayed in Kulim because 23 March 2013 was my birthday and I wanted to celebrate it in Kulim. My parents came back to Kulim on 23 March 2013 and took me back to Subang Jaya on 24 March 2013. On 24 March 2013, I registered for SPM 2013 before going back to Subang Jaya.

Earlier, I planned that if I got the Matriculation successfully, I would switch from A-levels to Matriculation. However, because I did not get straight A+ in SPM, I knew that most likely I would not get the Matriculation. In the previous year, they were students who got straight A+ in SPM but still did not get the Matriculation. So, I would continue studying A-levels in Taylor's College. After completing A-levels, I planned to study medicine at International Medical University (IMU) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I did not want to study overseas, because I love my country Malaysia and I want to stay here.

The Ministry of Education would offer bursary to all students who got 9A+ or above in SPM 2012. The bursary would cover fees for Pre-university courses which includes STPM, Matriculation, A-levels, Foundation and International Baccalaureate (IB). The bursary would also give a RM430 allowance every month. I could get the bursary because I got 9A+ in SPM. I would use it to pay for my A-levels study fees. Luckily I managed to get 9A+ in SPM, otherwise I would not get the bursary. When I was in Form 5, some of my friends advised me to drop the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) subject, because in the past only very few students got A+ for ICT in SPM. Luckily I was determined to continue taking ICT and finally I successfully got A+ in SPM. If I had dropped ICT, I would only get 8A+ in SPM.

Summary of my SPM results:
9A+ 1A
A in English

Based on my estimation, these were the marks I got for every subject in SPM:
Bahasa Melayu: 86 (A+)
English: 83 (A)
Mathematics: 98 (A+)
Additional Mathematics: 99 (A+)
Chemistry: 85 (A+)
Physics: 91 (A+)
Biology: 86 (A+)
Information and Communication Technology: 96 (A+)
Sejarah: 82 (A+)
Pendidikan Moral: 91 (A+)

My next target would be getting 4A* for A-levels.


  1. I'm going to sit SPM for next year. Can you give me some tips to get a good result like yours?

    1. I will post the complete tips for answering SPM during my college holiday on June 2013.

  2. Hi! I was so impressed with the way you did your preparations by the time SPM approached. Well done for getting such flying colors result! You are truely my role model. :) I want to be just like you!:) for your information, I am 17 this year and will be sitting for SPM. Your results did motivated me as these days I was quite lazy to do revision because I am not in study mood. There is about 1 week time for me to face trial. So I guess I have to start doing sejarah as that subject really needs time to memorize. The facts are just too many. Should I really memorize every of the facts? Or should I choose the selective ones which are most probably be asked? And next subject will be biology! Because it is also a factual subject similar to sejarah. Give me some suggestions or enlightenment? Will be greatly be thankful to you. :)
    P/S. Do you have facebook? It will be easier for me to chat with you.
    Hoping you to reply me as soon as possible! Good day.

  3. i'm going sit to spm this year...can you give me some tip for do the spm..i rally enjoy read your was amazing...hope you reply to me

    1. I have written the tips for SPM here:

  4. From your own experience, did spm result was usually better than trial?
    I am hoping for straight A+ in spm but I am so worried because my chem was 75% during the trial but I did put an extra effort on it during spm this year.
    wish me luck

    1. Well, it really depends. In my SPM trial, I got A for BM and A+ for English, but in my actual SPM, I got A+ for BM and A for English. Contrary to popular belief, the marking in the actual SPM is usually more strict because the examiners have to follow the mark scheme exactly. However, in the actual SPM the minimum A+ mark for many subjects are usually lower than 90. Considering the 2 factors I mentioned above, the actual SPM result can either be better or worse compared to the SPM trial result.

  5. Did your friends get better result after appealing?

    1. No, none of them got the upgrade from A to A+.

  6. Hi Daniel, do you go tuition during your SPM year?

    1. I only attended tuition for Malay Language, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.

  7. Hi ! The oral marks for english is not counted in the total marks for spm ?

    1. Sorry, I am not sure whether it is counted or not. Some sources say yes, others say no.