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Monday, 3 October 2016

Newcastle University UK / NUMed Malaysia MBBS Stage 1 and 2 Assignment Samples

If you are studying Stage 1 or Stage 2 of MBBS at Newcastle University Medicine (NUMed) Malaysia or Newcastle University UK, there are a few assignments that you have to do as part of the university assessment. Are you looking for good samples of the assignments? Here, I have uploaded a copy of my assignments that you can use as a sample.

1. These samples are only intended as a guide for you to complete your assignments. Please note that PLAGIARISM IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you submit an assignment with plagiarised work, this will cause you to fail your assignment and professionalism.
2. My assignments are definitely not perfect. I have highlighted the weaknesses of my assignments in the comments' section. You should try to avoid these when doing your assignment.
3. The instructions and guidelines for every assignment may change from year to year. The way the assignments should be done may be different for your year compared to my year. You should ensure that you follow the instructions given to you.
4. I uploaded the assignment samples as PDF files. However, you have to submit your assignments as Microsoft Word documents (Microsoft PowerPoint slides for the SSC Oral Presentation).

If you are studying Medicine course at any other university, it is possible that you may have to do similar assignments. You can also use my assignments as a guide, but please note that your university may have different instructions and guidelines for the assignments and you should follow them.


Link: Not available
My Score: Skills - 14.5/25 (58%, Amber), Knowledge - 13.5/20 (68%, Green)
Comments: I did this assignment very poorly because I had no idea how to do it. The reason was that this was my first assignment after starting university and I had no experience in doing assignments. Therefore, I will not upload this assignment as it will not be a good guide for you. Sorry about that.


Literature Review Title: Evaluate The Benefits And Risks Of Statin Treatment With Respect To Both Cardiovascular Disease And Diabetes
My Score: Skills - 27/45 (60%, Amber), Knowledge - 25/35 (71%, Green)
Assignment Date: January 2015
Comments: The greatest problem with this assignment was that I made very few citations, especially for Part 1. I was very stressed when doing this assignment, and as a result I left out the citations. I lost several marks for Skills due to that. Besides, the weaknesses in Part 2 were that I did not have any subheadings and I reviewed the articles one after another rather than in an integrated manner. 


My Score: Skills - 43.5/50 (87%, Green), Knowledge - 42/50 (84%, Green)
Assignment Date: March 2015
Comments: I obtained an excellent score for this assignment, which was much higher than the average score of all students. The way I presented the assignment was significantly different compared to that of many other students, but this was not an issue because I still followed the instructions of the assignment. The only weakness was that there were very few subheadings in my assignment.


My Score: Skills - 37/50 (74%, Green), Knowledge - 38/50 (76%, Green)
Assignment Date: February 2016
Comments: I scored quite well in this assignment, but there were some weaknesses. My explanation was incomplete in some areas. Besides, some of the sources that I used as references were not professional sources. I also used very few subheadings, tables and graphs in my assignment.


Link (Literature Review):
Literature Review Title: Is Mirror Therapy An Effective Treatment Option For Phantom Limb?
Oral Presentation Title: Treatment Of Phantom Limb
My Score: Skills - 44.5/60 (74%, Green), Knowledge - 38/50 (76%, Green)
Assignment Date: March 2016 (Literature Review), April 2016 (Oral Presentation)
Comments: I obtained a rather good score for this assignment, but I had some weaknesses. For the Literature Review, my explanation was not very detailed and I did not integrate the articles well when reviewing them. For the Oral Presentation, the text in my presentation was a bit small and I used very few pictures.

To download the assignment samples, open the download link above. After that, click the Download button at the top of the page to start the download. The downloaded file is in PDF format. To open the file, you need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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